Vocus Communications

Digital and Social

With a $1.2bn merger vote hanging in the balance, Vocus Communications turned to N2N to persuade shareholders through social media and sway the odds in their favour.


As Vocus announced its merger bid for Amcom, TPG Telcom moved to kill the deal by using its much-larger cash holdings to buy a 19.9 per cent blocking stake.  This meant that over 75 per cent of Amcom shares that were not owned by TPG had to show up and vote in favour of the merger for it to win – most similar events only see a 50-70 per cent voter turnout.


N2N worked with Vocus and Amcom to develop video content explaining the potential benefits of the deal to its shareholders, and targeted shareholders newsfeeds across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in a move the AFR described as ‘digital warfare’.


The content was surfaced to 1,500 shareholders who went on to vote on the deal, and additional media coverage was generated through gaining reach for the content in to the wider ASX community.


The results saw shareholders vote YES to the merger in unprecedented numbers, with more than 90% of proxy votes supporting the move – a truly staggering result that will lead to the creation of one of Australia’s most powerful listed companies.