National Broadband Network

Large Scale Public Education

As Australia’s largest infrastructure project affecting every home and business, the National Broadband Network (NBN) also represents one of the country’s most complex communications environments. The communications strategy had to reach audiences as diverse as the country the network was to span. When N2N began, NBN Co (and the network) was in its infancy. We started with stakeholder and audience mapping, issues management planning, key message development, web site architectures, social media strategies, community relations programs, and media relations strategies (including managing the daily press office). Four years later, we have delivered hundreds of campaigns.


Working with talent ranging from Prime Ministers to crocodile trainers, from award winning children’s authors, to world-class educators and doctors. With social and traditional media coverage results often numbering in the thousands over just a few days, and daily NBN Co web traffic peaks that exceeded a quarter of a million visits, these campaigns were large scale and required sophisticated project management and advanced online/media knowledge.


Across the board, research showed the proactive campaigns n2n developed often achieved on average 80 – 90 per cent positive sentiment, engaged relevant stakeholders and community advocates, and consistently exceeded targets for reach in traditional, online and social media. More importantly, they helped meet NBN Co’s responsibility to inform the Australian public on the NBN and what they needed to do to connect. The result is that awareness of the NBN today is now almost universal across the nation and the program can now focus on benefits and driving activation rates for the network.