Australian Launch and Consumer Campaign, Digital and Social

KAYAK engaged N2N to launch the brand into the Australian market and drive demand and website traffic from key target audiences.


N2N ran a media education program to introduce KAYAK to key journalists ahead of launch and developed a strategy to secure maximum media cut through. N2N also assisted with tailoring messaging and content for the local market. In addition to the media program, N2N designed and executed a social acquisition strategy to create a local Facebook community, drive high engagement and conversion through the platform.


During the launch and in the six months post-launch, N2N secured over 240 media articles. Stories consistently appeared in the top four Australian news outlets, reaching over 9.5 million Australians, just over 40 per cent of the population. The social program to date has reached over 350,000 people with an above industry average engagement rate and significant community growth. Most importantly, during the launch and six months post-launch, 18,300 new users started using the KAYAK website, with one in ten a direct result of the online PR coverage secured.


The social media program achieved growth of more than 700%, with an engagement rate of 3x the industry average.  The blog and social program was a critical factor in the development of brand equity in market and has proven commercially sound in driving quality web traffic.