Australian Sports Commission

Large Scale Public Education

Sporting Schools is a new Australian Sports Commission (ASC) programme that offers students in primary schools access to sport based activities before, during or after school. The initiative is intended to bring local sporting communities, schools and government agencies together to encourage a lifelong interest in sport participation across Australia. The ASC needed to wind down a widely popular, national ten year program called Active After-school Communities (AASC) and replace it with Sporting Schools.


We were engaged in 2014 to create a stakeholder engagement strategy that would identify and engage major sports, education and health stakeholders across the country to educate them about the benefits Sporting Schools would bring to local schools across Australia and mitigate negative sentiment from adversely affected parties. Careful planning and early engagement of key stakeholders helped ensure the transition to the new program was seamless. N2N has since built a solid foundation for communication as Sporting Schools is piloted across Australia through Ministerial launches, national broadcast coverage and a targeted social media strategy.