Ideas worth spreading & conversations worth having

Ideas worth spreading & conversations worth having

All you need to say is TEDx and most people will automatically greet you with an impressive look of ‘how cool’ or ‘I’ve always wanted to go to a TEDx talk or be involved with the event.’

The event is compelling not just for the calibre of speakers it attracts, which are usually from all different walks of life, but also for the effort of the organisers and the interesting themes, speakers and other elements that combine to leave audiences feeling inspired and empowered.

One of the impressive speakers at TEDxSydney was Dylan Alcott. Dylan is one of Australia’s most celebrated Paralympian’s, a world champion wheelchair basketballer and wheelchair tennis player and at just 17 years of age, became the youngest person to win a gold medal in wheelchair basketball at the 2008 Beijing Paralympic games.  Although these accolades are in their own right extremely impressive, what makes Dylan even more motivational is his advocacy for people with disabilities and the messages he spoke about during his speech at TEDxSydney – that living life with a disability, although challenging, can still produce a fulfilled and fantastic life. Dylan, in a very uniquely Australian laid-back and casual way, was really normalising what life is like living with a disability by sharing stories and photos about he and his girlfriend, travel stories and how he enjoys music festivals and is still able to crowdsurf – just done a bit differently, in a wheelchair!

What is so great about the TED mission is how they champion and really get behind great ideas, storytelling, creativity and actionable innovation. As someone who works in the communications industry, this is what we strive to do each day and a lot can be learned from the TED Talks. All good ideas are often inspired by other people – people we’ve learned from or run into, and we weave them together into new forms to create something new. TED allows these ideas to happen at an enormous and impressive scale. TED teaches us that you shouldn’t be afraid to start a conversation or debate about something you are passionate about, an experience you have had or a thought you would like to explore and challenge. If you haven’t already, listen to some of the past talks.


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