Social Media Strategy

DADHC conduct an annual community education program to increase awareness and respect of people with Disabilities called “Dont DIS my ABILITY”. The campaign primarily used traditional communication mediums such as PR, brochures and events to build awareness.

DADHC required a social media strategy to target the growing online audience of people with and without a disability who are interested in disability issues.

The social media strategy also aimed to provide longevity to the campaign which traditionally operated as a six week high intensity initiative from early November each year. While this approach provided an annual boost to the interest and achievements of the disability community, social media was seen as a suitable medium to foster ongoing interest.

n2n under took a detailed evaluation of the campaign objectives including a deep understanding of the audience requirements. n2n also reviewed the existing PR and marketing tools including the website, ambassador program, event calendar and role of sponsors.

n2n developed a detailed strategy paper addressing how Don’t DIS my ABILITY can use social media to increase the reach of the campaign and an build ongoing awareness of disability issues. The strategy advised on how to conduct effective social media dialog and recommend strategies by stakeholder (including the government, sponsors, community groups, employees, media and ambassadors).

Recommendations were made on how to use the primary social media assets including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Wikipedia and LinkedIn. n2n also advised how to make the Don’t DIS my ABILITY website effective for social media interactions.

Finally n2n provided recommendations on how to measure performance of the social media campaign and provided a phased approach to rollout by prioritising which social media will have the greatest impact for effort.

The recommendations made in the social media strategy have started to be implemented. DADHC is in week 2 of a 14 month rollout plan, however, the Don’t DIS my ABILITY Facebook Fan Page has already grown to 1,200 members and has a highly active and engaged community.

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