Story-telling and lessons for us all

Story-telling and lessons for us all

Speaking on a PRIA panel last night with some folks from the industry about creative story-telling, I was reminded why we as PR people are so well placed to help brands navigate the world of story-telling.  Here’s why:


Boundary scanning

Our role is to help brands understand the wider context in which they operate so they can land messages with audiences and un-earth opportunities to join conversations they’re currently not a part of.  Sharing our insight about the political, economic and social context isn’t just useful for business decision-makers it’s essential intel for informing marketing decisions.


Firm counsel

Our job as consultants is to provide sound counsel and advice when brands tell us about a story they want to share.  Instead of simply responding to briefs, our first response should sometimes be: “let’s talk about what you’re going to do before we figure out what you want to say”.


Real people

The power of human stories came up a few times during our discussion.  That shouldn’t be a great surprise given stories about people are often the most compelling ones.  In our work there’s always an opportunity to find human stories to support our story-telling.  We’ve just got to set aside enough time and energy to find those stories.



We spoke a lot during the panel about organisations needing to be authentic when they communicate stories.  For example, a brand might want to talk about diversity in a public forum but if it hasn’t sorted diversity in its own organisations it’s probably not a great time to start sharing that story.


Brand purpose

We also spoke a lot about brand purpose and why getting clear on your brand purpose is so important in story-telling.  In many ways it provides a filter for story-telling and a framework for making decisions and defending them publicly when needed.

– Stu Wragg

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