How we’re taking the stress out of staying organised with DropTask

How we’re taking the stress out of staying organised with DropTask

Helping our clients to navigate an ever-changing digital environment means spinning plates is a full-time job for the N2N team. Here, Stuart Wragg shares how DropTask has allowed us to spend more time doing, and less time organising.

Before discovering DropTask, we had no set method for managing our workloads within the company. We would capture meeting actions in notebooks, write client to-dos on post-it notes, and create action items through email. It soon became clear that some of the team were struggling to keep track of their to-dos and too much time was being spent on trying to manage workloads – instead of doing the creative work they love most. Therefore we required a solution that would enable us to simultaneously manage and prioritise workloads, while promoting a far more efficient way of working.

We tried out various collaboration and project management tools, most of which were popular with the team at first, but soon fell by the wayside because they took too much time to master. However, when we came across DropTask, we knew we were onto a winner. The intuitive and visual nature of the tool stood out to us and its simple design made it easy to use, meaning no training was needed to get the team started.

Whether we’re keeping track of client campaigns or organising business development activities, DropTask is used to manage it all. In fact, the company recently hosted a networking event for a group of senior communications executives – in which DropTask was instrumental in organising.  The powerful features allowed team members to work with each other on the project, where they were able to easily record actions, set priorities and monitor progress.  Within the project we set up a range of groups – each of which filled with different jobs associated with the logistics of the event. The ability to cluster all activities into similar types of work made the organising process quick and effortless – we even used DropTask to keep track of the RSVPs for the event!

We love how accessible and easy to use DropTask is via a mobile device.  As consultants, we’re often out of the office meeting with clients, influencers and suppliers and in any one day we might pick-up 50 jobs that need to be recorded and actioned.  DropTask gives us a place to instantly store those jobs and assign responsibilities, which means once we’re back in the office we can spend more time doing, and less time organising.

As our agency continues to grow and the work we do for clients becomes increasingly complex, so too does the pressure on our time. DropTask has become an invaluable and efficient tool that takes the stress out of staying organised for our senior team.”

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