Do websites even matter anymore?

Do websites even matter anymore?

Remember the story about the business that set up a website and watched the customers flood in? No? Neither do I.

It’s strange then that so many brands still put vast amounts of energy into creating online assets, such as websites and blogs, without putting as much thought into how they ensure their content appeals to the people that matter most.

Social media guru Jeff Bullas recently spoke at Social Media Week to offer some straight-talking advice on how companies can tackle this challenge.

Here’s three things he shared.

1. “Use the 70/20/10 approach to change the way approach risk management”

• 70 per cent of your content should be low risk – it pays the rent and is your bread and butter.

• 20 per cent of your content creation should innovate from what you know is already working.

• 10 per cent of your content marketing should be high risk ideas that will either be tomorrow’s 70 per cent or 20 per cent.

So use that 10 per cent to take risks and be prepared to fail – because you just might succeed.

2. “Content is still King”

Given the end goal of content is to get people to engage, Jeff says the important question to ask is: ‘how much value are you really creating for your followers?’ Things he says work well are negative headlines with a positive message, for example “30 Things You Should Not Share on Social Media,” and building your online assets to be credible sources on information. If the content you create demonstrates enthusiasm and passion for your brand, it will foster a similar reaction in your audience.

3. “Utilise your data and SEO – it is an untapped resource”

According to Jeff, one of the biggest mistakes he made was not utilising data and SEO as soon as he started a blog. A simple ‘must’ for any business is to ensure blogs have a subscriber tool so brands can create an email database to better understand their audience and reach them directly. Sending them interesting content and they’ll keep coming back.

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