Anzac Day proves it’s important to hijack wisely

Anzac Day proves it’s important to hijack wisely

Skye Lambley, Managing Director, N2N Communications

It’s easy for brands to get caught up in the moment and jump on board a local holiday, cultural event or the latest trend. But before you share that content, make sure you’ve taken the time to consider whether it makes sense for your brand to get involved at all.

This Anzac Day, organisations face jail time or being slapped with huge fines if they seek to profit from the day without permission – even changing up the humble Anzac biscuit is off-limits. On other occasions, it’s not so black and white.

A good communications professional proactively seizes opportunities for their clients to weigh in on national conversations, but a great communications professional knows it’s just as important to pick your moment wisely.

Here’s my quick tips for best practice hijacking:

Check-in with what your organisation stands for

All too often we’re seeing corporate social responsibility treated as just another box to tick. Today’s consumers are as discerning as they are willing to call out brands making tokenistic attempts to champion important issues. Instead of a flash in the pan moment, consumers want to see brands make a long term commitment to their CSR initiatives. For this reason, choose your CSR programs wisely – take the time to audit your organisation’s values and whether they’re reflected in the image you present to the world. Where these initiatives have a real impact is when brands align their chosen initiatives with their brand values and prioritise their initiatives in this space in the long term.

Remember the bigger picture

International Women’s Day, particularly with the rise of the Me Too movement, has become a surefire hijack hit. It’s a great cause we should all be taking the opportunity to champion – but it’s important to remember it’s more than just a commercial opportunity. Be considerate of what the cause is about and make sure your efforts contribute meaningfully.

Be bold in your approach

It’s easy to fade into the background and toe the line of what we’re expecting from brands when holidays come around. Don’t shy away from pushing the envelope to get noticed, as long as you have a strategic plan you can bank on. Recognise what matters to your targets and aim to exceed their expectations of what your organisation is capable of. Know your audience, what inspires them, what makes them tick.

At Herd MSL, we’re passionate about diversity and inclusion – we work to make sure every team member feels comfortable and empowered to bring their whole self to the office. CSIRO feels the same way, and they didn’t hold back in celebrating their commitment to the LGBTQI+ community this Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Nominated for a 2019 Parade Award for their rainbow, glittery double helix float, CSIRO was rewarded for going the extra mile. When you take the time to think strategically about whether a hijacking investment is worth your while, you can have faith going all in will pay off.

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