What clients say...

  • You're fearless - I love the initiative in how you attack opportunities.
  • I trust your team 150% - the client service is excellent, You're great to work with and always fun.
  • The team understands Web 2.0 and cloud computing and how to weave them into a compelling media story
  • The results and the service are amazing – our Australian agency is one of the best worldwide
  • I hold your agency in such high regard. ...you have such a firm grasp of the wider issues that can help us drive our business in Australia.
  • The team build great relationships with our stakeholders - we trust you with our reputation.
  • Tight account management, combined with a focus on results, means we get good value out of our budget
  • You don't need hand holding - you'll take initiative and come up with the solution
  • Throughout your professionalism, perseverance and sense of adventure has been to the fore
  • I love that tenaciousness – the drive to make stuff happen
  • The favourite part of my day is dealing with n2n. They are outstanding.
  • Your agency is the best we work with worldwide
  • n2n is amazing. Everyone is so responsive and helpful … your team has simply taken the pressure off and made everything seem 100% more manageable
  • The team are outstanding at media relations - and well connected to the media across all sectors. I really value your strong counsel.
  • You understand what we're trying to achieve and work hard to find opportunities and get results.
  • I want to pass on my thanks for you incredible efforts with this project.

    It is wonderful to wake up every morning to more coverage!
  • The most recommended PR consultancy in Australia
  • You always have a vision of the big picture and we have a true partnership.
  • Your commitment and passion to go the extra mile, has been outstanding.
  • We have asked a lot of n2n, and you have always delivered.
  • I don’t have to worry about PR because I know you are driving it – nothing gets dropped
  • The quality of business media that the program generated was invaluable.
  • We have asked a lot of you, and you have always delivered.
  • You adapt to the medium irrespective of whether it is a media release, a speech, Web or email

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About n2n

n2n communications is one of Australia’s largest, fastest growing independent public relations agencies.

Founded in 1996, the company has built its reputation through outstanding results, quality senior consultants and best-practice communication strategies and campaigns.

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